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1. Listen carefully to the sounds some words make within a single language, do the sounds suggest any particular shapes? Words with many ‘shss' sounds may suggest round movements, other words with ‘iii's in may be seen as pointed.

Taking one word (Zulu counting number eight) start a line on a piece of paper using a pencil and allow the pencil to move as the sounds suggest. What are the contrast / similarities? Do some words suggest colours?

Use a page in a sketchbook to record different words and patterns. This could lead to large abstract works.

2. Select one of the languages and research its culture and art forms. What might a person of the viewers age be wearing / doing if they were part of that culture?

Consider the patterns that adorn the clothing and jewellery, investigate in sketchbooks and use ideas to form the basis for printing or clay work.

3. Compare the names for colours, produce a colour plan and place each languages name for that colour on it - are there any that are the same/ similar? Research other cultures.

4. Consider the country and person for a language, what might their national costume be? Research and develop ideas for a portrait.

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