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Notes for Teachers

Sets of notes to support teachers with background information and practical examples of using the site have been added to the Teachers...more

Christmas around the world

See the What's New? section for new items added under Festivals. The starting point...more

Frère Jacques Challenge

2nd November 2009 - 26th February 2010 How many different versions can we collect on this site between November and...more

New Web Links

Links Two new links have been added under the Diversity and Citizenship heading on the Links...more

Add your own video!

Among the latest improvements to this site is a new feature in the videobank. You can either upload a video of yourself  speaking in your family language, or you can record your...more

Workshops at the E2BN Conference

There will be workshops on Celebrating Language at the E2BN Conference on 23 and 24 June 2009 at Wyboston. Visit the more

A new look for Celebrating Language

We hope you like the site's new look. Development work goes on. Next term you will be able to record and submit your own video clips with a webcam attached to your...more

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