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Frère Jacques Challenge

2nd November 2009 - 26th February 2010

How many different versions can we collect on this site between November and February? 

Frère Jacques is a song that has travelled the world.  Jacques may change to John, Ivan, Martin or other names and the song remains recognisable.  This is a fantastic opportunity to use the video bank to submit the song in another language, or even a round of different languages.  Submit a video and celebrate linguistic diversity in your school, the region and beyond.

Why not visit these two sites for inspiration.


Web pages of a multilingual school in Lille, France.  There is a range of interesting sections including: Frère Jacques in a large number of other languages, traditional songs from around the world sung by children and videos of school visits.


A German primary school with Frère Jacques sung by children in their home language.  There are 12 different languages.


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