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Useful website links

This page is for links  to other websites which contain useful information about languages around the world and examples of everyday phrases.  Do let us know if you think there are other sites which should be listed here!

Jennifer's Language Page - greetings in hundreds of languages

Ethnologue - information about languages around the world

Omniglot - a collection of phrases in many different languages with sound files for some of them.

Newbury Park Primary School - video clips of children teaching their home languages



This site includes number lines in different languages, with sound files, number games and learning how to write Chinese numbers.


Egyptian numbers, including an Egyptian Maths translator


How people count to 10 using their hands in Kenya.


How they count to 10 in China using the fingers of 1 hand.



Traditional Children's Games from Around the World



Select A-Z and go to the following sections for these dual language stories from a country speaking the language

A B – Anancy and the Christmas Plant – Jamaican

C D – The Cat and the Mouse – Gaelic

E F – East of the Sun, North of the Earth – Swedish

G H – Hodja and the Mixed Up Feet

          Hywel and the Mermaid – Welsh

I-L  – The Kicking Bird – Somalian

          The King of the Birds – Portuguese

          The Little Fir Tree – Danish

O P - The painted Jackal – Urdu

S T –  Sinbad – Arabic

U-Z – Why wisdom is everywhere – Yoruba

          The White Elephant - Hindi


Diversity and Citizenship

http://www.wdwtwa.org.uk              Who do we think we are?

This new site has resources to support identity, diversity and citizenship education - structured around four themes:
    * School and community
    * Relationships, belonging and faith
    * History and settlement
    * 'Britishness', national identity/values and the 2012 Games

It will have video and audio clips from young people, and you can add your own.


Web pages of a multilingual school in Lille, France.  There is a range of interesting sections including: Frère Jacques in a large number of other languages, traditional songs from around the world sung by children and videos of school visits.


A German primary school with Frère Jacques sung by children in their home language.  There are 12 different languages.

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